Wondershare Video Converter: The best video converter yet!

My problem

Being a guy who loves technology, I need to visit lots and lots of websites. I watch lots of online videos like tutorials, news, trailers, advertisements, short movies etc. Since I need to watch videos a lot, sometimes I try to download videos. Again sometimes I need to convert them, edit them and do other stuffs. Let’s see how many software I used to use to do all the stuffs. I had one browser plugin for downloading Facebook videos, another for YouTube. For Vimeo & others I used Internet Download Manager. For converting I had one software. But unfortunately That could convert only some specific formats. In the mean time my elder brother was asking me if I have any software that can edit (crop,  keep a specific portion) videos and again can export to the TV formats. But my answer to that was a big NO. Well, then I was need of putting watermarks for my YouTube channel videos, by using another software. So, I used to use minimum of 5 (five) to 7 9 (seven) softwares &  plugins! But I’s looking for a solution in one software.

The solution!

Last few days ago I found my solution. It’s “Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate“. It can convert video to lots of formats including iPhone, iPad, iPod, YouTube, other mobile devices, PC versions & most importantly TV formats. It has lots of presets for exporting your video in the exact format! To my surprise I found that it can corp videos. It can give special effects. I’s happy with that. Then I saw it can put watermarks, both text & image! “WOW”, I said, “This is the best thing I’ve ever found.” A bit letter I saw it can download videos from almost all the video sharing sites! I downloaded a video, corped it, gave a special effect, added a watermark and exported it. I already came to know that it can convert 30% faster than any other video converter, & I found it true! Then When I tried to play a video, well it asked if I want to open the video using Wondershare Video Player! That was really another surprise. I could open all my videos with it, and I don’t need to download and install video codec anymore!


OK, I’ve said lot, now let’s see the features of the software at a galance:

  • Convert 30X faster than other converters
  • Convert video to 158 formats
  • Edit video even faster and easier
  • Download and capture web video with a click
  • Burn video to DVD disc, DVD folder, or to ISO files with ease
  • Equipped with the perfect desktop player – Wondershare Player.

Half truths – Half lies!

I found some points where it may seem that Wondershare is lying! First of all, they calls it a video converter, but I found it a big video solution. When giving a lot, but claiming half, it’s half truth, half lie. The second one is, the 30% faster conversion! With other softwares I found that while they convert the video, it consumes around 95% of the CPU and makes you bound to stop working. But Wondershare doesn’t do that. It has a really good capability of adjusting the CPU use along with your work! So, don’t wast your time, keep working and convert videos. The third one is, they says it a video converter, but you can convert audio too!

Screen Shotsbox video-converter video-downloader video-download-window video-player

Give it a try!

While I got my licence of the Wondershare Video Converter, I got a chance to offer my friends the same software @ 50% discount (I wish I’d get that)!

For Windows Version | Mac Version


I hope you’ll enjoy the software! Thanks for reading! If you find it useful, please share with your friends.

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