The man who demanded the ownership of the country

December 22, 2013, it was an ordinary day like the other days. The city is busy with it business, the secretariat building is as usual busy with it works. Some journalists were waiting, waiting to talk to someone powerful, some who will give them some information to publish them on the news paper.

Suddenly a man named Shakib entered into the room of the Finance Minister. The minister was busy talking with Heather Cruden, the Canadian high commissioner in Bangladesh. Shakib opened the door and signaled the minister. He came out. He repeated this for some times. Suddenly the minister shouted, “You stupid. Get lost!”

It all happened so suddenly that no one had any clue of what’s going on. Hearing the ministers shout he started shouting, “I’m the owner of the country.”

If you read carefully, I can guess you already said, LOL, LMAO, Funny, Dafuk, WTF blah blah blah. Yeah, I did so, so did the journalists, so did lot more do.

But, did you think deeply? Who’s the real owner of a country? The government? or we the general people?

The constitution says we the general people are the owners of the country, and the government, that’s just a servant organization.

Let’s get back to Shakib. What happened to him? The journalists got curious, they asked the man, who are you? He said, “I’m extraordinary.” The journalists asked, “why are you extraordinary?” He replied,

I’m the the owner of the country. Why shouldn’t I be extraordinary?

Yeah, I’m sure, that the journalists found it great fun. So did I and we. Later, when the man found to demand the ownership of the world, we can easily understand that he was a mental patient. So the police tried to get him admitted in a mental hospital.

Surely that story gave thousands of people a great joy, laughter. But, should we laugh?

Shakib was asked how he entered into the ministry, he said, “I don’t need a pass.”

You know, I really wish I would more like Shakib than me! He is a stupid, he is a mad person, he has lost his control; yet, he has the courage to demand his right. Me being another owner of the country could never demand the ownership. I need pass to enter into the offices of my/our servant while the other servants (usually we call them police) do not need any pass to enter into my house, vandalize my house, and arrest me. Being the owner I never could claim the security that my/our servant gets.

I wish, I could be just 10% courageous like Shakib, I wish I could open some other people’s eyes.


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