Nothing’s Useless, ever

How many times did you throw things just saying they are useless? How many times did you say this thing is useless? Probably you’ve said this a lot. But to me, nothing’s usually useless, it’s us that we don’t understand the use of the “useless” things!


Just some days ago, I visited a place in my country named Ratargul Swamp Forest, one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. I didn’t go there on right time of the year. After going there & searching over net, I found that going at this time is “useless” as the water level will be too low to ride boat. And guess what I found the place so. But I kept on moving, hoping for something really good. And yeah, I got my first amazing picture of a hawk, actually there were two.

hawkSo the “useless” turned into something really useful. Way from there to Lalakhal, another beautiful place in Bangladesh I saw a little girl coming back from school & I photographed her. Back in my hotel room, I found this picture as useless I wanted to delete this. But I don’t know why I didn’t  delete it, instead I uploaded it to my Facebook and Flicker accounts. Wala! shortly after posting the photo, I sold that, as my first photo to any magazine! Actually that was a kids magazine & the editor was looking for something just like that & my good luck is he was searching after I posted the photo.



Why am I writing this? Just yesterday I saw a really well known TV show named Ittadi (meaning ETC./and so on), which crossed 24 years this January, featured a team in Bangladesh named Green Savers. They are a group of people working to keep Dhaka, world’s 2nd most worst city  to live, green. Their slogan is “Amader goroje, apnar khoroche” meaning “with your money, and on our devotion”. They are using lots of “useless” things like wast bottles, car tyers etc. to plant trees in it. And obviously by taking a very little amount of money they are doing this. All of the members of this group are from some farmers family.

It was really delightful for me to see such an initiatives from the educated people like them. They turned all the useless things into usable things.


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