Let's add a game

Let’s add a game to your website

Hello there, in my last 12 posts I’ve written about movies, photography, web designing and some other tips. Now I’m going to give you a game for your website, which you can add in your website without any problem. The entire game is made with JavaScript. So you just follow the steps below and soon you’ll be adding the game to your website. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Description of the game:

The game is a “JavaScript only” made game. The game is similar to the ping-pong games. All you need to do is click the “Play” button and control the pad below the game with your mouse. Each time you can save the ball, you’ll get 100 points and at the end of the game you’ll see your results. To avoid cheating on the game, there’s a system included. Sometimes it may seem that the position of the ball and the pad is working in a way that the ball will fall on the pad automatically and you’ll start getting points. But after just three-four drops the system will understand that you’re not changing the position of the pad, so it will change the path of the ball.

Let’s have a look at the game first.

Click here to view the game!

Now let’s see what you need to do.

Step 1:

Copy the code from this link:

Click here to get the game code!

Step 2:

Open Notepad and paste the code in the code.

Step 3:

Now save the file. To save the file just select All Files (*.*) from the Files type and name the file as game.html.

Save as HTML

Now enjoy your game. You can add the code to your website thus the visitors can play the game on your website.

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Courtesy: The code was taken from JavaScriptSource.com

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