How to take Panorama Photo with any camera

When I bought my Nikon D3100, I found that it doesn’t have any panorama function in it. Well, I was pretty shocked. Cause if I would buy a compact camera using only $200, I would get a camera with panorama function. But I’m paying around 3 times more, but I don’t get a panorama function. Anyway, since then I was a bit upset cause I used to see other people taking panorama photos with their digital compact cameras & I’m stuck with my DSLR, not being able to take any panorama.

Pretty soon I started looking for a way if I can do it manually, & yeah, in some forums I found the answer about how to take a panorama photo with any camera (yeah, I mean any camera). Well, to do the tutorial I used some pictures of my room & it’s pretty messy, don’t mind.

Step 1: First thing first. You want to make a panorama, so you need to take photo. Don’t worry if your camera doesn’t support panorama. Here’s how to take the photos. Place your camera on a tripod, if you can, or if you hand-held it, maintain a good level. Now, take a photo & move your camera to a bit right or left. Remember, all your photos must overlap. It’s better if you keep 33% of the overlap. For example, look into the picture below. See, I’ve taken eight shoots & all of them have some parts from the previous photo. Another thing to remember is your photo must contain same light level for a better panorama. It’s better to set the camera on manual (if your camera doesn’t support manual, just keep continuing in automatic).
Step 2: When you are finished with taking photos, you need to edit them with the help of your computer. There are lots of image editing software that can do the work for you. But I’m gonna talk about two photo editors. One of them is Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE), which you can download for Windows & obviously for free. The other is Photoshop (CS3 to version afterwards). If you do not have any of them, get one of them. If you don’t have Photoshop, just download the Microsoft ICE from the given link above. Copy your images to your computer & put them in one folder.

Step 3 (ICE): Open up Microsoft ICE & click on File > New Panorama. Now you’ll find a file browser, select the images you want to use for the panorama & click Open.

Step 4 (ICE): Now, wait for a moment for the image to be ready. It will take some seconds to some minutes, depending on the images.

Step 5 (ICE): Now, you’ll see a corp mark around your processed image. Resize the corp mark, or use the automatic corp button below the photo. Once corp is done, you can just save the project & export the photo using Export to disk button.

Step 3 (PS): Open Photoshop & go to File > Automate > Photomerge.

Step 4 (PS): Now from the new window select Browse, click on that &  select the photos you want to use as panorama. Click OK, & again OK. Now wait for some seconds for Photoshop to finish the merge.

Step 5 (PS): Now you’ll see your photo is ready to go, use corp button to get the portion of the image you want & save it.

Here’s how the picture will look like.


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