FB LookBack not working! Saddest thing for celeb!

On February 4, 2014 FaceBook turned 10! So they arranged a gift for each of the FB users. The gift was Look Back! but some people are just unfortunate enough that they didn’t get the LookBack. Some got only some pictures, and some got only a picture!

Well, those don’t know how to see FB Lookback can click here!

Why some people are seeing the video, and some cannot? There are several reasons, that I found yet!

  1. Your profile is too new. That means you didn’t create your profile long enough for the video to be built! Most of the profiles I found that don’t have the video were made some time between 2013.
  2. You’ve watched your video & deleted some pictures showed in the video! This is the most common thing I’ve found.
  3. You’re profile is fresh than new, that means only some months (reason you get only one picture).

facebook lookback

FB LookBack not working: Fix?

Well, there’s no solution yet found! I don’t know if any will be available. But if I find something, I’ll show you how!

Why saddest thing for celeb?

First of all, celebrities likes to show off. No matter if they are real life celebrity or just FB celebrity, they likes to show things to people. And Guess what, everyone is showing off their videos, and they can’t show theirs, how sad.

Secondly, celebrities are mostly short tempered. If something goes wrong, the thinks this is the end of the world. They’re gonna die or something like that! So they start to cry! And definitely FB lookback not working for them, what worse can happen to them?

Thirdly, there are some people (like me), who when gets chances to ask something to the celebrities that will make them feel like the end of the world, they just ask it! And the celebrities finds that MY FANS WANT THIS! They just don’t understand that they are not the real fans 😛

So! Is you lookback working properly?

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