False license means killing people intentionally

Illias Kanchan, well known actor and the chairman of Nirapad Sharak Chai movement, in a press conference today said that, “Sitting in the seat of driving without license or false licence means killing people intentionally.”

The press conference was called to declare about the position of Nirapad Sharak Chai on the matter of recent meeting among home minister and the Owner-Worker-Employee Federation on the matter of case file for road accidents, license renewal of the drivers and letting trucks drive in the Dhaka city on Friday and Saturday.

5563_10201325044716256_2072176848_nIllias Kanchan thanked the prim minister and finance minister for allocating 20 crore taka in the 2013-14 budget for the safety of the roads, which they marked as a hopeful position after fighting for 20 years. But the news that was published after the meeting has make people tensed. He also added that, ministers do not oath as a minister to save the interest of some specific community, instead they oath to save the interest of the peoples of the country. He also asked prime minister and other high officials of the government to think if Shajahan Khan being a minister has embarrassed the government by using threat of strike to fulfill some demands from another minister.

Illias Kanchan also argued about the statement of having no long term punishment in any country in the world, provided by Shajahan Khan and other transport owners. He provided example of USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia having long term punishment system for these types of crime.

Illias kanchan also talked about the Section no 302, which is being denied by the federation, that very few lawsuits happened depending on this section. He said, “If these few lawsuits are taken back from Section 302, it will raise the question among the general people that if government has used this as a strategy to reduce the displeasure among the people.” He also requested Government to restore the Section 304 B to its original format while it was implemented back in 1983. He asked the drivers, if they are already expert drivers, why they argue about exam during license renewal period.

Addressing the traffic jam in the city, Ilias Kanchan said that, though Friday and Saturday are weekly holiday, only on Saturday people gets some relax. But if the trucks to drive in the city on Friday and Saturday without taking steps to reduce traffic jam or creating different lane for the trucks, it will only make the situation worse.

Social worker and writer Maksud, was also present in the press conference, addressed the road accident as a social problem and also claimed that the matter is now being politicized. According to his speech, while around 20 people are dying everyday and about 7 thousands of vehicles are being vandalized every year, government is not taking this seriously. He also added that it is necessary to ensure maximum punishment for the road accidents, which will minimize the trend towards this crime.

In the press conference the central advisor NH Noman and Barrister Md. Hasan was also present.

Written by Me for Daily Sun

Photo credit: Syed Abbas

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