What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, does that sound similar to a movie name? Yeah, it does. But this is not a movie review. Today I’m gonna share some stories from recent days.

Just some days ago I found a group of students who are looking for a part-time job which they can do from home. In a country like Bangladesh the concept of part-time job is not new, but it is hard to find one. And when you are looking for a job to be done from home, you sounds like you’re kidding. Anyway, I had some websites that are not being used currently. So I decided to run some of them with these students.

I asked how much money they want from a part-time job, and on an average they replied Taka 3,000 per month sounds good. And they are ready to work for 3-4 hours a day and 6 days a week. I calculated my costs and opportunities and found that spending around 4,000 per month sounds pretty good to me. And for the job they don’t need to spend more than 1 hour a day and 5-6 days a week.

So, I kept my identity hidden  mailed them a job opportunity and asked how much money they want for it. I gave them 5 days to reply to me. And what I found was, most of them do not read emails! Most of them uses Facebook, cries for job on Facebook and becomes frustrated on Facebook, but never opens up their mails to see what is waiting for them.

Only 10 out of 156 people replied to my mail! I started to read them out. And the first mail made me think of killing myself! He wanted Tk. 20,000 for the job and he may not work on each day of the week. I skipped to the next mail and this person just wrote “give me 5,000”. Nothing else! In my mail I asked about 8 questions and gave some choices, and this person is so busy that he doesn’t have that time to reply to the questions.

Out of the 10 emails I found one email replying all the questions, and everything was OK, except, he cannot type Bangla on computer, which was the must required skill!

All these people here expects a job, but they don’t have any good skill. Then in the group I discussed the matter and they started blaming the university they study! They are university students and they expect it act like a training center.

OK, now moving on the next and last incident for today. I completed my BBA and MBA from Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) and have a real affection to the university. As a student of business and as I like business, I always try to inspire people to start his/her own business. Some days ago a student from my university called me and said that the Business Club of NUB is going to arrange a trade fair like thing where some start-ups from the university will join. And to my surprise, all the start-ups are still student.

So I decided to join the expo and gave a budget to sponsor the whole program featuring SiteNameBD. My teachers become happy that a former student from the university is helping the start-ups. Within some minute my business card box become empty.

On the next day I started getting so many calls, I counted them one by one and they were about 22. All of them were asking for jobs! I asked if they knew why I sponsored the expo or not. All replied “yes”. I asked, ‘then how could you call me to find jobs?’ None of them could say anything more, some disconnected the call, except one girl who stood up against me and said, “only stupid people do business”.

Well, I said what I was needed to say to her, but my question is, ‘how people can be so dumb?’

So, that would be all for today, hope you liked it. If you find it funny enough and effective enough to change some of your thoughts, please do share the post using the share buttons below. And yeah, if you want to get regular post updates from my blog, you may subscribe to my posts by entering your email address in the subscribe box below and top of the page.

Thanks for taking time in reading this.

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