Curiosity found water on Mars, finally!

Since my childhood, I was real fan of the science fictions. Learned to think that aliens exists, & I really do believe that somewhere in this universe, there lives some living and intelligent being.

According to our knowledge, to sustain life, water is the most necessary thing, and presence of water means presence of life! With that belief The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has spent thousands of millions of dollars and sent a rover named Curiosity to Mars, the red planet, with the hope of finding water there. After a long wait NASA is now saying that Curiosity has found water, mixed with the Mars soil.


The amount of water mixed with the soil is about 2%, which means from one cubic feet soil, you’ll get around 2 bottles of water. That’s pretty interesting as if we can send astronauts over there, they can solve their water problem from this soil, by heating up the soil and taking out the water.

Previously baking the sample soil and rocks also revealed a compound containing chlorine and oxygen, likely chlorate, previously found near the north pole on Mars. The analysis also suggests the presence of carbonate materials, which form in the presence of water. All these elements are necessary for survival of life in one place.

water on mars

“Mars has kind of a global layer, a layer of surface soil that has been mixed and distributed by frequent dust storms. So a scoop of this stuff is basically a microscopic Mars rock collection,” said Leshin. “If you mix many grains of it together, you probably have an accurate picture of typical Martian crust. By learning about it in any one place you’re learning about the entire planet.”

On it’s next mission, Curiosity will look deep into the soil to find more information about the red planet and to see whether organic molecules are present in the Martian samples.

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