10 must do's after you install WordPress

10 must do’s after you install WordPress

Now-a-days WordPress has become so favorite that most of the new websites are being made with WordPress. With the increasing volume of the WordPress sites, WordPress website developers are also increasing. Lots of newbies asks what do they need to do after the install WordPress. Well, this post will tell everyone what are the must do things after you install WordPress in your website.Read More »

10 Unusually creative websites

10 unusually creative websites

Companies, individuals, groups, communities everyone is having their websites now-a-days. People try their best to design it in a better way thus others like it. There are lots of free and paid templates on the internet, lots of web designers and lots of software to design your website. But are all the website different? No, most of the websites are based on some basic navigation system, basic design thoughts etc. But there are some out of the box web designs around the internet. Maybe you didn’t see them, just because you don’t know about them, or you don’t need them or you couldn’t find them. Anyway, I’m here to show you 20 really unusually creative websites. And I believe that you’re gonna like them.Read More »

How to increase maximum execution time of 30 seconds in wampserver

How to increase maximum execution time of 30 seconds in wampserver

I’s browsing through a WordPress help group, and found someone asking for the solution with WAMPSERVER. He’s trying to install a theme, but his internet connection was too slow to download the theme and install it in 30 seconds, the prefixed time of WAMPSERVER. So he was getting a warning saying “maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in wamp”.Read More »