False license means killing people intentionally

Illias Kanchan, well known actor and the chairman of Nirapad Sharak Chai movement, in a press conference today said that, “Sitting in the seat of driving without license or false licence means killing people intentionally.”

The press conference was called to declare about the position of Nirapad Sharak Chai on the matter of recent meeting among home minister and the Owner-Worker-Employee Federation on the matter of case file for road accidents, license renewal of the drivers and letting trucks drive in the Dhaka city on Friday and Saturday.Read More »

I've learned about life

50 Important things I’ve learned about life

Through our life we learn different things. From the childhood till death we keep learning new and new things. Here’s a short list what I’ve learned about life, all of them are copied from different websites. But in actual I’ve learned these things through different experiences. If I’d just copy from different websites and paste them here, I bet the number would be around 5000, not 50. So, let’s see what I’ve learned about life.Read More »

25 creative logo and what they mean

25 creative logo and what they mean

Even though I love advertisement, marketing tricks and everything related to marketing from my childhood, some of my friends say that as I’ve studied Business, I love these. The truth is I love creative things. And I believe that Marketing is a creative thing. What does make a company known to others? Advertisement, quality, products, slogan, logo, brand color etc. Among them logo is one important component which makes you understand of what the company is. Some logo don’t explain what the company is, but they are creative in making. Sometimes with words it’s expressed what the name is. We’ll see some of the logos I’ve found creative.Read More »

10 must do's after you install WordPress

10 must do’s after you install WordPress

Now-a-days WordPress has become so favorite that most of the new websites are being made with WordPress. With the increasing volume of the WordPress sites, WordPress website developers are also increasing. Lots of newbies asks what do they need to do after the install WordPress. Well, this post will tell everyone what are the must do things after you install WordPress in your website.Read More »

10 Unusually creative websites

10 unusually creative websites

Companies, individuals, groups, communities everyone is having their websites now-a-days. People try their best to design it in a better way thus others like it. There are lots of free and paid templates on the internet, lots of web designers and lots of software to design your website. But are all the website different? No, most of the websites are based on some basic navigation system, basic design thoughts etc. But there are some out of the box web designs around the internet. Maybe you didn’t see them, just because you don’t know about them, or you don’t need them or you couldn’t find them. Anyway, I’m here to show you 20 really unusually creative websites. And I believe that you’re gonna like them.Read More »


How to take Panorama Photo with any camera

When I bought my Nikon D3100, I found that it doesn’t have any panorama function in it. Well, I was pretty shocked. Cause if I would buy a compact camera using only $200, I would get a camera with panorama function. But I’m paying around 3 times more, but I don’t get a panorama function. Anyway, since then I was a bit upset cause I used to see other people taking panorama photos with their digital compact cameras & I’m stuck with my DSLR, not being able to take any panorama.Read More »

How to backup & restore your SMS in Android phone

How to backup & restore your SMS in Android phone

In a android user group I saw lot of people asking about backing up their SMS from their android phones. Actually backing up contacts is really easy in android, cause you can connect your Google account and it’ll automatically backup your contacts. But SMS backup isn’t that easy. Well, even though I said it’s not easy, I’ll show a way to backup SMS in a real easy way.Read More »

Awesome Google Search Tips & Tricks – Part 1

Awesome Google Search Tips & Tricks – Part 1

Google, the most favorite search engine all over the world, has a strong research and development department who looks for the need of its customers. Google not only provide the search engine feature, but also provides lots of other features. But yet the search is the best thing in their provided services. Google has improved its search engine over time and still they are updating. Here in this post we will see some of the awesome tricks of Google search engine. As you can see that the title of this post says “Part 1”, I am looking forward to post more of these tricks. So, let’s start.Read More »