10 Unusually creative websites

10 unusually creative websites

Companies, individuals, groups, communities everyone is having their websites now-a-days. People try their best to design it in a better way thus others like it. There are lots of free and paid templates on the internet, lots of web designers and lots of software to design your website. But are all the website different? No, most of the websites are based on some basic navigation system, basic design thoughts etc. But there are some out of the box web designs around the internet. Maybe you didn’t see them, just because you don’t know about them, or you don’t need them or you couldn’t find them. Anyway, I’m here to show you 20 really unusually creative websites. And I believe that you’re gonna like them.

1. Iamyuna

This website is a designers website, the geometric shapes you see are actually the posts of that website, when you mouse over the shapes, they’ll show the thumbnail of the post. And if you click the shapes, you’ll see the actual posts. I liked this design just because of the shapes (out of the box thinking) and the way the thumbnail reveals.

2. Kutztown University | Communication Design Department

This is an university’s Communication Design Department’s website. This website is beautifully illustrated with a artistic picture and navigation system.

3. Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile
This is Samsung Mobile’s website, a beautiful navigation system, great design has given this website a completely different look. I even like the loading system of the website. It’s really great.

4. Case Studies

Case Studies
This website is based on case studies. The unique design of the site is really appreciate able. Clicking the middle line will  bring the main website. I really like the other navigation system and the way the posts shows.

5. Acko.net

Not only the website is made on bright colors, but also the 3D feelings it’ll give to you is really awesome. If you slowly scroll down you can see all the contents are acting like 3D objects.

6. Helmy Bern

Well, this site looks pretty like the other general blogs, but if you carefully look at the banner and the left side navigation, you’ll see the difference.

7. TinyTeam

I’ve never seen anything like this before. If you want to see the creativity, click on any link. I’d suggest clicking on About and Contact button.

8. Alexbuga

Alexbuga's Living-room
Welcome to Alexbuga’s Living-room. I like the navigation system, specially the hidden navigation on the top-left corner.

9. Thibaud

First of all, take your mouse over any cards, see the effect. Now hold and drag them anywhere. I really like the idea. It’s just like some cards on your desk.

10. Gleis3

Once you’re inside, you’ll say, what the hake is going on! Now click on any link and see the art work. It’s really amazing.


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    • Dear Sujon Paul, I know that they aren’t user friendly. This the thing happen when you make something OUT-OF-THE-BOX. Regular stuffs are just for the easy use & easy reproduction, but exceptional things are in every way exceptional.

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